Why is SolvePPE Here?

Everything we need is right here. We have capable small businesses and individuals who can make PPE. We have local small businesses who are couriers and can deliver PPE. We have local certified sterilization sites for buyers who want sterilized products. Most importantly, we have urgent local demand for PPE. We need to protect our community members.

SolvePPE brings all these pieces together to create our own local supply chain and our own commerce ecosystem that is sustainable.

Everything we need is right here. Let's make PPE here and deliver it up the street to our community members, our healthcare providers right here and essential workers right here.

The current situation for buyers is a big mess. The market is flooded with fraudulent products from unknown sources. There's no time for months-long vetting of where products actually were made and examining their effectiveness. Urgent need for PPE is dictating the quick buying. SolvePPE asks, "What about American businesses?" "What about our local small businesses?" SolvePPE's position is, "We have sufficient capability here in our own community to solve our own local PPE demand problem. We'll be able to generate revenue for our local businesses and residents and trust the product."

SolvePPE introduces the tech platform to capture, automate, scale, ignite, and unleash the power of our local communities to solve our local PPE demand problem in a sustainable way.

Get on board and start selling!

Who can I sell to?

SolvePPE in an online marketplace that is accessible to anyone including the general public. We market to local small businesses to facilitate sales, but anyone can be a customer.

How can I start making masks if I do not know how?

We have a team standing by ready to help you learn to make masks. Whether you are a manufacturer with a factory or an individual sitting at home wanting to help out and earn money for your labor. Email support@solveppe.zendesk.com

What happens if my order isn’t fulfilled or the quality is unacceptable?

SolvePPE is a tech platform that facilitates contact and commerce between parties. Disputes arising from buyers should be addressed to sellers. SolvePPE will take all complaints against sellers seriously and encourage fair and equitable relief including full refunds or quick solutions to fulfill satisfactory products.

Why is it better to buy through SolvePPE instead of major e-commerce platforms?

In addition to unreliable products from unknown sources flooding the American market, on SolvePPE you know where your product is coming from and you're supporting your local community. SolvePPE exists to solve our local PPE demand problem by creating our own local supply chain and local commerce ecosystem. We support our local small businesses who make the products by buying from them. A local small business courier delivers it. If the buyer chooses the sterilization option to sterilize the products, we send business to a local certified sterilization site. We are our own solution. SolvePPE enables you to spend a comparable amount of money you would but your money goes to our small businesses here. Our mission is to empower small businesses during these difficult times to help our neighbors earn a living and keep our community protected. Buy local, protect our community, and keep our neighbors employed!

What is PPE

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment and can vary depending on the environment, contagion, etc. In the case of COVID-19, PPE helps protect everyone from exposure to the virus. Some examples include:

N95 Respirators · Surgical Masks · Protective Goggles · Gloves · Faceshields · Coveralls · Gowns · Booties · Wipes